Direct-use Geothermal

Latitude 53 Project

Hinton Alberta

A renewable energy solution

Direct-use Geothermal in support of economic development

At Novus Earth, we are in pursuit of sustainable and responsible stewardship of the Earth's resources. Our first project is in the Obed region in Yellowhead County, near Hinton, AB. Novus Earth will provide thermal energy in the first stage of commercializing our well technology, and electrical production in the second stage.Vertical farming remains a corporate objective, and our timelines have shifted to sequence our project priorities accordingly.

The Geothermal Journey of Hinton, Alberta


Hinton and the West Yellowhead Region have a long and successful history of oil and gas exploration and development. This history has led to exciting research first conducted by Dr. Jonathan Banks in 2015 with the University of Alberta and Alberta Innovates that confirmed the presence of high temperatures and favourable geothermal conditions beneath Hinton. 


The Town of Hinton, in a cross-governmental partnership with Western Economic Diversification Canada, the Government of Alberta and Alberta Innovates, embarked on a Front End Engineering and Design Study. The purpose of the study was to determine the scope and confirm the viability of a geothermal district energy system.  


Today, Novus Earth is poised to build on the interest and activities supported by the Town, province, and federal government to deliver on a innovative energy project in Hinton. With the positive engagement of the community, Novus Earth is ready to bring the geothermal momentum started in 2015 to fruition with the Latitude 53 project.

Novus Earth Open House on March 16, 2022 – Town of Hinton Council & Novus Earth Team

Sustainable Project Benefits
Hinton, Alberta

  • Levelized cost of heat supply
  • Expandable energy system
  • Carbon offset credits
  • Local employment & training
  • Local educational program
  • Community engagement
  • Municipal leader in Canada

Novus Earth supports high-energy use facilities with thermal heat generated through sustainable geothermal energy. Using our innovative closed-loop well design, we can tap the Earth's thermal resources anywhere in the world.

Sustainable Energy Distribution

Direct Use Geothermal Opportunities for Communities

Novus Earth provides the technology you need to harness the power of geothermal energy for your direct use applications.

What is Direct Utilization of Geothermal Energy?

Deep geothermal wells are drilled to tap into the earth’s heat, requiring medium to high-grade heat to generate electricity. As electricity is produced, excess lower grade heat remains that can be used for non-electric utilization of geothermal heat for residential, commercial and industrial applications. 


From composting to vertical farming, the agriculture industry requires a significant source of heat. The use of excess thermal energy for direct use applications can provide cost-efficient and reliable heat. Geothermal heat can be used to grow native trees and seedlings that can play an important part in ecosystem reforestation. Residual heat can also be used for temperature regulation for greenhouse and aquaculture facilities for optimal growth.


Recreational & Service Industry 

From spas and pools to distilleries and eco-tourism, there are a variety of recreational and service industry applications that can leverage geothermal heat as a reliable renewable energy source. Direct use applications can revitalize the local hospitality and tourism sector.


District Heating & Cooling

Are you looking for a better way to heat and cool buildings in your community? With the use of geothermal heat, district energy systems can provide reliable district heating and cooling to entire communities. This includes heating buildings such as houses, municipal buildings, commercial buildings, schools, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, aquatic centres and more.


Forestry Industry

The forestry industry can greatly benefit from the use of geothermal energy as a reliable source of heat for their energy-intensive processes, all while reducing their carbon footprint. Lumber drying, wood pellet drying and pulp processing can be effectively supplemented by geothermal energy.


Socio-economic benefits of direct use heat

Each community will be drawn to different direct use opportunities that fit their culture, their people and their environment. The Novus Earth technology is available to provide that desired fit, even in the most remote communities.

  • Revive economies through local job creation, increased tourism
  • Healthier community & quality of life
  • Decreased reliance on fossil fuels
  • Enhanced community involvement, training & education
  • Commercial heating using price competitive renewable energy
  • Residential heating & cooling in homes

A community energy plan can be created to provide sustainable solutions to fit your clean energy needs.



Treaty 6 Territory Land Acknowledgement

In the spirit of respect, truth, and reconciliation, we acknowledge the First Peoples of Turtle Island & the traditional lands on which we have the honour to live, work, and play. The Latitude 53 Project is planned for the traditional territories of the Michif Piyii, Mountain Metis, Ĩyãħé Nakón mąkóce (Stoney), Cree and Metis Region 4, and Treaty 6 land.

We acknowledge this in recognition of the deep history of these areas and the significance for the Indigenous Peoples who have been connected both physically and spiritually to these lands. We are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the gifts of these lands, and we share in the responsibility of stewardship of the earth and her resources for tomorrow’s generations.


Learn How Novus Earth is Bringing Economic Investment, Food Security, and Diversification to Hinton

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