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Introducing a better way to feed your community.

Hydroponics and aquaculture are sustainable forms of agriculture that allows you to grow substantially more food with less water, and land than traditional agricultural practices. Housed within a closed facility, water is used to grow both produce and protein, such as fish and shrimp, without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. No matter your climate, vertical farming with hydroponics and aquaculture can produce fresh local food that is safe and cost-effective. By using the best parts of different agricultural techniques, this growing process establishes food security in a sustainable way.

How Does Hydroponics & Aquaculture Work?

Both hydroponics and aquaculture use the best parts of controlled environment settings to mimic natural ecosystems.
Did you know that fish are one of the world's most critical sources of protein?
At Novus Earth, our aquaculture systems use nutrient-rich water in a controlled setting to rear and harvest aquatic organisms such as fish or shrimp. Within the same building, we offer sustainable growing practices through vertically stacked hydroponics to optimize water use while minimizing our footprint. By combining these controlled ecosystems in one location, Novus is enabling the growth of fruits, vegetables and protein year round.

Purpose-Built Hydroponic & Aquaculture Systems

  • Sustainable Energy
  • Individualized Environment Pods
  • Customizable Growing Conditions

Novus Earth’s controlled environment agricultural facilities are operated entirely on sustainable geothermal energy. The sustainable energy provides both the heat and electricity needed to develop a customizable growing environment for the production of aquatic organisms (fish/shrimp) and produce (fruits/vegetables).


Hinton, Alberta Sustainable Energy Project

With the use of a 32,000m² controlled environment aquaponics (CEA) facility and our closed-loop deep-well geothermal system, Novus Earth will provide a levelized cost of heat for both aquaponics farm and the Town of Hinton facilities, an expandable energy system, carbon offsets, local employment, fresh local seafood and produce in all seasons, and much more.


The Revolutionary Benefits of Hydroponics & Aquaculture

With Novus Earth’s growing facilities, we can help you unlock the earth's potential to energize and support sustainable agricultural practices. Using the earth's natural heating capabilities, Novus unlocks both geothermal electricity and residual heat that can be used for heating and cooling. Through this geothermal energy, we are able to create ideal growing conditions for hydroponic and aquaculture practices using a levelized cost of energy.


Bring Economic Investment, Food Security, and Diversification to Your Municipality

As primary industries decline and food security becomes a growing concern in remote communities, it’s time to adopt a new method of creating jobs and producing fresh food in a cost-effective manner.

Contact us to learn how our agricultural solutions can help you build a new legacy for your municipality’s food production.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Vegetables











      Swiss Chard

  • Fruit




      Melon – Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew

      Even fruit trees like: Cherry, banana, lemon and apple.

  • Fish Species




  • Beans
  • Herbs

Hydroponic systems do not use any pesticides, herbicides, or hormones to produce food. This makes hydroponic food a healthier alternative to food produced through traditional agriculture. Hydroponic and aquaculture systems also give you total control over the nutrients that are used in the growing process.

Hydroponics solves many of the issues of traditional agriculture, and is currently an accepted agricultural practice in Canada. Aquaponics combines the benefits of vertical hydroponics and recirculating vertical aquaculture farming, by mimicking a natural ecosystem where animals and plants form a symbiotic relationship. Aquaponics is not yet approved in Canada, but may be in our near future and Novus has a plan ready for when this change happens.