Security of Supply for Earth’s Most Valuable Resources

The world needs reliable access to food and energy.

With Novus Earth solutions, you hold the power to resolve these challenges.

Security of Electricity Supply

The uninterrupted supply of electricity should be everyone’s reality.

Novus Earth solutions help you ensure the continuous supply of electricity with our innovative closed-loop geothermal system. Even with an unreliable electricity grid, you can rely on our system for the electricity generation you need. Geothermal energy provides baseload power and complements existing renewable energies that are intermittent, such as wind and solar through co-location of plants.

Security of Food Supply

No matter the time of year, you need reliable access to food.

With Novus Earth advanced technologies, we can help you feed the world with our low carbon production and delivery. Our hydroponics and aquaculture systems operate entirely on sustainable energy to ensure that your community never struggles with food shortages again. The food supply is grown locally with care from community residents to reduce the need for global food imports.


Our Commitment to Food & Energy Security

It’s time to eliminate the variability of traditional energy sources.

At Novus Earth, we’re committed to helping even the most remote communities solve the greatest food and energy supply challenges. Take advantage of our unique infrastructure for your next energy project to experience true reliability, consistency, and security of supply like you’ve never experienced before.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer: yes. The resiliency of food and energy supply chains comes down to suppliers, businesses, and municipalities and the ways in which they take advantage of renewable energy and food sustainability innovations. At Novus Earth, we provide the solutions you need to make food and energy supply chains more resilient.

Supply chain resilience refers to the ability of the supply chain to persist or adapt when faced with change. As non-renewable resources become increasingly scarce, it’s time to transform the supply chain with sustainable energy innovations. At Novus Earth, we have the solutions you need to adapt and overcome this change.

Since the 1800s, humans have used fossil fuels as our primary energy source. However, fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gas, are not sustainable resources and our supplies are depleting. In order to meet our upcoming energy security requirements, we need to adopt a new way to produce energy. Novus Earth’s closed-loop geothermal system provides a solution to this problem. Our systems produce sustainable geothermal energy to ensure the security of your energy supply today and in the future.


Build a New Legacy for your Production and Consumption of Energy

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