Clean Tech Solutions for Earth’s Biggest Environmental Challenges

The power to improve environmental outcomes is in your hands.

Novus Earth’s clean energy technologies are the solutions you need to make it happen.


Introducing our best solution to the world's most significant environmental challenges

Clean technology (or “clean tech”) addresses a variety of environmental impacts caused by coal, natural gas, and other natural resources used in energy production. Our first step towards a low-carbon economy involves clean technology development, adoption, and deployment. Novus Earth is one of the top clean technology companies at the forefront of the clean tech sector, leading the charge to a brighter tomorrow.


Clean Tech for a Decarbonized Future

When tasked with solving big environmental issues, you need powerful alternative energy technology.

Harness Sources of Renewable Energy

Clean energy is renewable energy. Our innovations in renewable energy give you the chance to be an environmental leader and realize benefits such as energy efficiency and sustainability.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Burning fossil fuels is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Our clean tech solutions can help you reduce your emissions of greenhouse gases.

Eliminate Reliance on Natural Resources

Fossil fuels and other non renewable energy sources are finite and the generation and consumption of energy from these sources negatively impact our climate and environment.


Our Commitment to Clean Tech

Join us as we reinvent the production and consumption of energy with clean technology.

As clean tech innovators and global leaders, our company's technology helps companies and municipalities worldwide take full advantage of the benefits of clean technology. We’re focused on real-world, results-driven solutions that will improve environmental outcomes and make an immediate impact on your carbon footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Novus Earth, we offer multiple forms of clean technology solutions, including aquaponics infrastructure and closed-loop geothermal systems. These solutions help municipalities and businesses adapt and innovate while reducing their carbon footprint.

There are a number of environmental reasons why clean technology is important: 

  • Clean technology helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Clean technology helps to reduce air and water pollution.
  • Clean technology provides solutions that aim to reduce or reverse the effects of climate change.

Over the last decade, the renewable energy industry has changed tremendously. Costs have fallen dramatically, technologies have become more efficient and solutions for integrating sustainable sources into power grids have advanced, making green energy more economically viable. With rising energy demands across the globe, coupled with commitments from nations and industries, renewable energy is an essential part of what is needed to address the urgent and important global challenge of GHG reduction. Renewable energy is a good investment not just for today, but more importantly for the future.


Build a New Legacy for your Production and Consumption of Energy

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