The Novus Earth Renewable Energy Advantage

By 2050, the agri-food sector is expected to produce 50% of all greenhouse gas emissions.
Let’s work together to change that statistic.


The time has come to reinvent the way you produce energy.

The evidence is clear: burning non-renewable resources like fossil fuels is causing major environmental impacts.

It is time to make a change and be part of the solution. Make the switch to renewable energy sources to reduce your carbon footprint and limit your greenhouse gas emissions. With Novus Earth solutions, you have the power to build a brighter tomorrow.


Advantages of Novus Earth Renewable Energy

Novus Earth’s renewable energy solutions provide the immediate advantages you need to make the most significant impact.

Clean Tech

Clean energy is environmentally friendly energy. Installation of our innovative clean technology solutions can help you reduce carbon emissions and realize environmental benefits.

Security of Supply

Experience the reliability and consistency of energy and food supply. Novus Earth’s renewable energy facilities help remote communities harness energy economically to maintain consistent supply.


Meet the demands of people today without compromising the demands of people tomorrow. Our renewable energy technologies offer sustainable energy that is naturally replenished to meet growing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Renewable sources of energy have varying degrees of reliability. Geothermal energy, on the other hand, is reliable because it is efficient and can accommodate changes in demand. Novus Earth’s renewable energy solutions are specifically designed with a focus on consistency to ensure security of supply for even the most remote communities.

Compared to non-renewable alternatives, renewable energy technologies are associated with greater upfront costs. However, renewable energy generation helps you save money long term. The maintenance and operational costs of renewable energy are lower than non-renewable alternatives, and you also save money on carbon taxes. Additionally, tax credits and rebates can help you alleviate the initial costs of your renewable energy investment. 

There are a number of economic reasons to make the switch to renewable energy:

  • Natural gas prices are rising.
  • Carbon taxation is costly.
  • The renewable energy industry creates new jobs.

Renewable forms of energy offer a number of environmental advantages when compared to fossil fuels. 

  • Renewable energy results in the emission of little to no greenhouse gases.
  • Renewable energy reduces air pollution.
  • Renewable energy offers our best hope for reversing the effects of global warming and climate change.  
  • Renewable energy contributes to a healthier atmosphere.


Build a New Legacy for your Production and Consumption of Energy

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