Cultivating the seeds for a decarbonized future

Novus Earth Energy is an innovation-driven corporation with a more sustainable future at the forefront of our efforts. Our purpose at Novus Earth is to develop and implement decarbonized technologies that enable sustainable stewardship of the earth's resources.


Our Diverse, Dynamic, and Deeply Engaged Team

Success at Novus Earth hinges on our group collaboration and vast skill sets. The Novus Earth team brings their collective expertise in the sustainable energy industry to help develop and revolutionize sustainable energy solutions for real-world applications. At Novus Earth, we have the expertise required to meaningfully change the way energy is produced and consumed.



JEFF MESSNER – President, Co-founder

Clean-tech innovator, sustainable development leader, mediocre golfer

Jeff Messner is the President and Co-founder of Novus Earth. He is responsible for the design of the innovative closed loop geothermal technology and is actively growing the company in the clean energy space. Through valuing environmental stewardship, he has spearheaded a renewable energy technology with net-zero emissions that opens up new markets in the energy and agricultural sectors. 


His previous work at Weatherford Drilling Services in technical sales has been an integral part of his ability to develop client relationships built on trust. Through effective project management of over 20 companies, he had attained $25 million per year in sales. Jeff has a strong technical background in directional drilling from over a decade of experience in his roles as a Field Specialist and Field Supervisor. 


Jeff is a lifelong learner that is constantly reading to get ahead of market trends, attending conferences, and most recently obtained his Renewable Energy & Conservation Certification. His ability to build strong relationships is a natural skill he started developing on the golf course over the past couple decades, as he dedicates his time to maintaining long term relationships in his personal and professional life.



RALPH SALM – Director of Operations, Co-founder

Visionary, Tenacious, patient fisherman

Ralph Salm is the Director of Operations and Co-founder of Novus Earth. He grew up in northern Canada and experienced firsthand the need for fresh, affordable produce in remote communities. His vision aims to bring food security to Northern Territories by using renewable energy to power aquaponics facilities. Ralph is a strategic problem solver with four ongoing patent applications on cleaning water, electricity generation, wind turbines and thermal transfer in deep geothermal systems.


His background in construction and operations is extensive with over 40 years experience working in Canada and internationally. The past 26 years have been focused on the renewable energy sector where he has completed >300 geoexchange projects globally. Ralph’s artistic eye for design and international accreditation in log and timber frame construction allowed him to assist in the development of international standards for construction and energy efficiencies in five countries.


Ralph has a passion for self-sustainability and growing quality food that brings him back to his roots. The art of canning and food preservation carried on through the generations with his own spin on smoking meat, allow him to continue the family tradition of gathering around the table to share nourishing food, while enjoying each other’s company.


 ROCHELLE LONGVAL – Vice President of Exploration

Clean energy advocate, community leader, geoscience mentor, rock n roll drummer

 Rochelle Longval is the Vice President of Exploration at Novus Earth. She is a Professional Geoscientist that demonstrates an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit pushing for innovative solutions to harness the earth’s heat. Her dedication to unlocking renewable resources provides communities with sustainable energy, local job creation and promotes efficient local food production. 


Rochelle progressed her career in the energy sector gaining strong technical foundations discovering target zones and now optimizing existing ones to meet Canada’s net zero emissions target. A participant in Canada’s 1st CarbonTech Accelerator with Avatar Innovations, Rochelle has delved into the start-up ecosystem, discovering synergies with geothermal and CCS technologies. 


Upon relocating to a rural village in British Columbia, Rochelle gained a firsthand perspective on the importance of accessible energy. Her career transition was a direct result of her new environment, bringing awareness and curiosity to explore renewable energy solutions. She has been recognized as an emerging leader “Changing the Face of Energy” as a recipient of the Young Women in Energy Award and is an Energy Futures Lab Fellow. Rochelle is passionate about geoscience literacy and inspires younger generations to explore nature through guided hikes and cave exploration in the Kootenays.


 LUTICIA MILLER – Director of Strategic Development

Corporate citizenship leader, Indigenous trailblazer, community builder, impassioned collaborator

Luticia is the Director of Strategic Development. She is a Metis businesswoman championing change from the inside-out of Canada’s energy industry. As a seasoned Project Management professional, she leans heavily on collaboration as the key to successful implementation for the Novus Earth geothermal and aquaponics facility.


Luticia is a 20-year industrial construction veteran who believes Canada has a place as leaders in the transition to a low-carbon energy future. This has guided her work in the development of EiSG strategy for Alberta energy companies, incorporating crucial Indigenous engagement and collaboration into effective environmental, social, and governance policies. 


Luticia is a 2022 eMBA Candidate through the Smith School of Business, Queen’s University and recipient of the Sandler Training Scholarship In-Kind for Indigenous Business. She is active in the community and is a Board Director for the Circle for Aboriginal Relations Society. When she needs a break from the books, she enjoys making music with her family playing fiddle alongside her bass-playing partner and talented pianist sons.


 TOBY BIRD – Investor Relations

Business development specialist, strategic negotiator, marketing ambassador, casual dart player

Toby Bird’s role in Investor Relations ensures investors and key stakeholders are up to date on current projects, future opportunities, and investment dollars. He is dedicated to building relationships founded on trust with a shared mission for sustainable growing and food security for Northern Territories and beyond.


His previous work focused on the launch and development of an environmental and technology division with Kayden Industries for their use of liquid/solid separation centrifuge technology. Toby was a valuable contributor with $14 million in sales within Canada for environmental remediation. His sales background is highlighted throughout his work with Weatherford on their artificial lift team and BICO selling mud motors for directional drilling.


With a dedicated track record in the service industry managing restaurants and bars, Toby has an appreciation for quality food. Combined with 10 years in the energy industry, Novus Earth is the right fit with a focus on clean energy for fresh, local food production. After hours, you are likely to find him hitting the snowy peaks in the Rocky Mountains or enjoying a round of golf with friends and colleagues. 


 NAV SIRA – Senior Exploration Geoscientist

Horizontal geo-steering specialist, well design innovator, STEM advocate, Formula 1 enthusiast

Nav Sira is a versatile member of Novus Earth as he contributes not only to geoscience exploration, but also diversifies his skill set to contribute to the design and patent application for the closed loop well and aquaponics facility. He has over a decade of experience working in the Alberta energy sector and has a drive to bring Geothermal Energy to Canada by utilizing his expertise gained in drilling horizontal SAGD wells.


Nav has successfully drilled more than 400 horizontal wells in various formations across western Canada and has a strong understanding of reservoir analysis and well placement through directional drilling. The idea of using magnetic ranging technology to drill an innovative closed loop geothermal system to harness the earth’s heat was an opportunity with Novus Earth that he could not refuse.


Nav was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Geophysics at the University of Calgary. When not working on STEM projects, you can find Nav reading up on the latest technological advancements in F1 and watching the races.

 DOME DUONG – Chief Financial Officer

 Growth strategist, entrepreneur, agri innovation advisor, golf enthusiast

Dome Duong is recognized for his natural leadership and dedication to progressing start-ups in the agriculture sector. Prior to joining Novus Earth, he led the cannibas practise at PDS Business & Tax as CFO and has advised public and private clients on corporate finance, capital raises M&A, tax, financial reporting and cost accounting. In addition, his wealth of knowledge and experience has been built through roles as a fractional CFO to his cannibas clients. Prior tenures include Ernst & Young, MNP and BDO. 

Mr.Duong obtained a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Professional Accountant (Canada) designation and holds a B.A. Degree from the University of Alberta. He also carries an Executive MBA from Queen’s University.


 LAOLU ADEKOYA – Commercial Officer

Transformational sales leader, problem solver, zero altitude flight pilot

Laolu Adekoya is the Commercial Officer of Novus Earth and is responsible for the go to market strategy, growth and development of the company. Laolu has over 20 years of experience in developing and leading strategic sales growth in the energy sector. He believes in business growth through market analysis, strategic planning and execution and this led to managing over $100 million of strategic revenue in his recent sales role.  


A firm believer in sustainable and responsible stewardship of the earth’s resources, seeing the potential of bringing cost effective fresh food and renewable energy to local communities made joining Novus Earth a no brainer. He looks forward to applying his horsepower to feeding, heating and powering underserved communities in Canada and across the globe. 


 Laolu Holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and an MSc in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. Laolu enjoys anything with two wheels and an engine in between and looks forward to hitting the local Southern Alberta racetrack once it is completed.  

 DR.JONATHAN BANKS – Technical advisor

Geothermal advocate, entrepreneurial spirit, technology pioneer, powder skier

Dr. Jonathan Banks has his PhD in hydrogeology and geochemistry with over a decade of experience leading the University of Alberta Geothermics team. His previous work in Germany at an experimental geothermal power plant has provided him with the expertise to coordinate inter-departmental and inter-collegiate geothermal research activities. 

Dr. Banks is a pioneer in advancing several transformational technologies for Western Canada. He brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the laboratory, with a focus on building bridges between pure science to applied science to commercial success. He has spearheaded the “Geothermal Deep Dive” analysis, in partnership with Alberta Innovates and works with several regional municipalities interested in geothermal exploration and development. His scientific publications on the geothermal hot spot in the Hinton area have allowed him to be an integral advisor for the Novus Earth team through the progression of the Latitude 53 Project. 

Research Partnerships

Dr.Victor Liu, Engineering Faculty.                                                                    

Novus Earth is in collaboration with the University of Alberta team under a 4 year Mitacs Project focusing on the fluid and rock interactions in Canada’s geothermal systems through thermo-hydro-mechanical modeling.



It starts at home…

By 2030, Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan strives for 30% of Alberta’s energy to come from renewable sources. At Novus Earth, we’re prepared to help Alberta reach that goal by providing Albertans with the systems required to unlock sustainable geothermal energy.


It expands across the country…

In Canada, renewable energy sources, such as hydro, biomass, and wind, provide just 16% of Canada’s total primary energy supply. However, we believe a better sustainable energy resource is available. Novus Earth is committed to increasing the use of sustainable energy in Canada by helping Canadians harness the power of geothermal energy, regardless of their location.


It spreads across the world…

Across the globe, the International Energy Agency reports that CO2 emissions have risen 63.35% since 1990. The best hope for reducing global carbon emissions and reversing the effects of climate change involves bringing renewable energy into the mix. Novus Earth is proud to provide our closed-loop geothermal systems across the globe to change the worldwide energy industry as we know it.


Our Core Values

We are committed to progressing the energy and agriculture sectors forward through the pursuit of clean technology innovations.

The foundation for our actions; we conduct ourselves in an honest, trustworthy and respectful manner, holding ourselves accountable to high moral and ethical standards.


Value creation driven by embracing a collaborative culture that integrates our work closely with communities, local businesses and other partners to achieve carbon neutral solutions as we collectively grow together.

We are confident in our ability to drive solutions for a more sustainable environment, starting with finding an efficient way to meet our basic needs in energy and food security.

We believe in the power of the communities we create and serve; we are committed to building a social license to operate that engages, involves and gives back to our communities where we live and work.

Our Guiding Principles

Innovative & Sustainable Development:
We embrace innovation as it allows us to learn, adapt, and generate new ideas as we prioritize sustainable development.

Safety & Well-being
A safe and emotionally healthy working environment underlies all of our activities, ensuring our people return home safely and without harm.

Inclusive, Diverse & Equitable Culture
We ensure that our decisions and actions are rooted in the values of inclusion, diversity and equity by embracing the unique attributes of all individuals and cultivating environments grounded in respect for the opinions, ideas and feelings of others.

Earth Stewardship
We are committed to environmentally responsible business practices, minimizing our footprint and respecting the air, land and water to help conserve the earth’s vital resources.


Treaty 7 Territory Land Acknowledgement

In the spirit of respect, truth, and reconciliation, we acknowledge the First Peoples of Turtle Island and the traditional lands on which we have the honour to live, work, and play. Novus Earth is situated on the traditional territories of the Blackfoot Confederacy (Siksiki, Kainai, Piikani), the Tsuut'ina, the Îyâxe Nakoda Nations, and the Métis Nation (Region 3).

We acknowledge this in recognition of the deep history of these areas and the significance for the Indigenous Peoples who have been connected both physically and spiritually to these lands. We are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the gifts of these lands, and we share in the responsibility of stewardship of the earth and her resources for tomorrow's generations.


What Makes Novus Earth Rise Above the Rest?

The world and its global supply chains have questions about improving food and energy security, and Novus Earth is here to answer the call.

We provide food and energy security to areas that haven’t had opportunities to achieve stability before. All of our goals and core values reflect a drive for improving sustainable energy endeavours for the benefit of businesses and communities alike. With our exclusive offerings, Novus Earth has also adopted a highly adaptable and flexible business model that can be customized to meet the needs of clients.


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